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Horizon On My Mind

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Mix Asylum is proud and humbled to announce the release of the single "Horizon On My Mind" for an incredibly special 9 year old boy fighting cancer named Alex Goodwin.


"Horizon" has been a work in progress song for a number of years, but when I heard that one of my Dad's work colleagues son had this devastating condition, I knew I had to act and get the song ready. It is all about keeping positive, which is exactly what Alex does himself everyday without ever giving in the fight.


I'll let Alex's Dad Jeff Goodwin take up the story from here:


Alexander Goodwin is a nine year old boy who loves sharks, dinosaurs, birds of prey and anything to do with nature.


On 8th June 2016 the family had some terrible news that Alex had been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma of his right femur. Alex has been struggling with constant leg pain since Christmas 2015 and has used crutches since April 2016. He was initially misdiagnosed until finally being told it was cancer in June.


Ewing Sarcoma is a rare type of bone cancer that affects children. Fewer than 30 children in the UK develop Ewing's Sarcoma each year.


Alex has had weeks of scans and tests and months of chemotherapy. He has just completed his first cycle of chemotherapy. He has lived for months in constant pain and discomfort using crutches since April and is now reliant for any extended period of time on a wheelchair to get around.


This week we have been informed that the cancer has spread and this has significantly reduced Alexander's prognosis and chances of survival. importantly it has reduced the treatment options available to Alexander on the NHS.




In order to maximise Alexanders chances of survival against this awful disease and give him the best possible treatment we are desperately seeking to obtain the support, knowledge and expertise of the leading medical professionals in this field here in the U.K and abroad. We also wish to ensure that we take advantage of the latest treatments of this type of cancer where appropriate including Proton Beam Therapy and other treatments that may not be available to Alex on the NHS.


Time is of the essence and we cannot afford any further delays so we must do whatever we can to speed things up and obtain the best treatment and this will cost money.  


This is where "Horizon On My Mind" comes in. The song is being released digitally and 70% of all profits are being donated to Alex, so that the money he so desperately needs is right there for him with a simple click of a mouse or tap of a phone.


I REALLY CAN'T emphasise to everyone how much we need YOUR help to raise these life changing funds for Alex. PLEASE click on the Amazon or iTunes (or both preferably!) links above and below and pre-order "Horizon On My Mind" RIGHT NOW.


When you have brought a copy, PLEASE tell as many people as you can. People power is at it's best when we use social media for good, and I can't think of a more deserving or worthwhile cause than this.  


Released December 5th 2016

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