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Mastering is the stage after mixing, and is the final stage before a track is ready to be listened to commercially. It involves taking a complete song mix and adding subtle nuances to squeeze out the optimum quality of a track.

For this, clients need to send me their own mix of their recorded song (NOT individual files) and work is carried out on this one file.


Please send me either one .wav or one .aif file(s) (for optimum sound quality). MP3’s can be sent, but the format is outputted at a much lesser quality than the afore mentioned file types.


This work involves subtle nuances being applied to the mix file such as:


• A final use of EQ to balance all of the frequencies on the recording.


•Gentle use of Limiting to ensure your mix does not exceed the 0.2 dB level of head-room.


•Could involve gentle use of compression or other processes to make the mix ‘breathe’ more comfortably (and ultimately sound professional)



Important Notice – Mastering is normally only suitable for finished ‘mix’ files.


I will give free advice (via email) regarding mixes to ensure your product is the best it can be.  


I have some experience of working with ‘Live’ Mixes (a session which has been recorded in one take).

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