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Mixing is the process after recording takes place. It involves taking the individual recordings and giving them an added “shine” sonically. All tracks help form a stereo mix, hence the term ‘mixing’.

                                             This involves you sending me either:


Option A – Sending dry (no processing applied/or as little as possible) .WAV or AIF files/STEMS of the individual tracks of a song to get the best results.

MP3 format can be sent but due to the inherent compression of MP3 format, some frequencies will be compromised


Option B – Sending me the original session file if this is easier (Logic Pro, Pro-Tools, Cubase ONLY) for myself to bounce off the individual files to work on Logic Pro 9.



                                                                 The Work Done


These files/STEMS will be set up on Logic Pro and then mixed using a combination of all of my software to enhance your song and bring it up to a professional standard.


I will add production processes to the individual recordings (such as EQ, Compression, Reverb etc) as the song requires, giving a professional post-production process to your song(s). When all tracks have been processed, I will use all of these tracks together to create a professional stereo mix.


Once the tracks have been mixed, it will be professionally mastered (This is included in the price).


When I have finished the mixing I will send you back a fully mixed and mastered stereo mix in .WAV/AIF (16 bit 44.1 kHz - CD quality) and MP3 (320 Kbps)  


                                        How to send your files/STEMS to me 



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