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Sending / Transferring your files / STEMS 

Sending all files is FREE and simple, just follow these steps:


1. Click on this will open my wetransfer page. This page is dedicated to my site, so all files/STEMS sent will come to me securely.


2. Once on my wetransfer page, please accept the wetransfer terms (it will not ask for any personal details, there are no logins, it just allows you to go to next page)


3. On this page, please add the files/STEMS that you want to send to me, add your email address, and a message to me if you want to.


4. Click the transfer button and the files/STEMS will be sent directly to my secure account at wetransfer.


5. You will get an email receipt from wetransfer stating that the files/STEMS have been successfully sent to me.


6. When I have downloaded your files/STEMS, you will also be sent another email receipt from wetransfer stating this fact, this is another assurance that your files/STEMS are safe with me.

I will send back your finished .WAV/AIF and MP3 mixes or Masters in this way as well.


All finished work will be sent back using a secure password protected transfer (I will email the password to you in order for you to download the finished mix).

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